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Re: 2.3.99-pre3 and potato on SPARCBook3

On Wed, 5 Apr 2000, Phil Brutsche wrote:

> Specifically, what problems were you having with the serial console?  It
> could have been something simple, like /dev/console being a symlink rather
> than an actual character device.  Outside of it being a 80x24 screen, it's
> been working beautifully for me with c-kermit as the 'client'.

The Sun serial console -- and by that I don't mean "use a serial device to
connect to the computer's serial port", I mean "use the Sun's physical
console, but don't drive the frambuffer, instead just talk to the PROM"
-- is just *bad*. It runs at 19,200 baud. It's not *anything* like a
vt100. It's meant to be used only by the PROM interface itself (which is
the ultimate in minimalism; it's written & extensible in FORTH), with the
assumption that any program (i.e., linux, solaris) will drive the graphics
hardware in graphics mode.


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