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Re: 2.3.99-pre3 and potato on SPARCBook3

Ari Heitner wrote:

> One problem: dhcp seems to have broken. Both pump and dhcpcd fail,
> although you can configure a static interface fine and it seems to work.
> I've attached an strace; basically it opens a socket as SOCK_STREAM,
> attempts to write() to it, and fails with a broken pipe/SIGPIPE. dhcp is
> working for other machines on the same subnet. I'm not bugging it, maybe I
> should (it's probably the kernel's fault tho).

You're going to have to use "strace -f" - pump forks a child process
which does the actual work, and then exits when the child process
acquires the address (or times out).  The child, of course, remains
running so it can renew the lease.  Also, if it turns out that the child
is getting a seg fault or bus error, a backtrace would be nice. 

The dhcpcd code is a mess, I would avoid it. (I'll take a look upstream
and see if there are any changes to pump.)


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