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Re: Problems with Apt, Slink, and Sparc IPX...

> rkirkpat> 	No, I am running 2.0.35 and have no intentions of running potato
> rkirkpat> until summer (when I have physical access to the box and can risk kernel
> rkirkpat> upgrades). I am just looking to get apt-get working so I can upgrade the
> rkirkpat> machine to 2.1r5, mainly for security reasons (already manually upgraded
> rkirkpat> bind). Thanks.

	Thanks for everyone's help on this issue. In the end I just gave
up and ran dselect to perform the upgrade. Not exactly quick and simple,
but got the job done...
	I guess I will have to wait on apt till I upgrade to potato this
summer. Then again, now that my IPX is up to 2.1r5, there will probably no
more slink release to upgrade to anyway. 
	Once again, thanks for everyone's help.

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