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Re: Problems with Apt, Slink, and Sparc IPX...

In Sun, 2 Apr 2000 11:32:13 -0500 (CDT), de profundis Ryan Kirkpatrick <rkirkpat@nag.cs.colorado.edu> cum veritas scribat

rkirkpat> 	No, I am running 2.0.35 and have no intentions of running potato
rkirkpat> until summer (when I have physical access to the box and can risk kernel
rkirkpat> upgrades). I am just looking to get apt-get working so I can upgrade the
rkirkpat> machine to 2.1r5, mainly for security reasons (already manually upgraded
rkirkpat> bind). Thanks.

The workaround with IPC box I have now, is to use ncftp to download and 
dpkg -i $(find | grep deb$)

#I sometimes have to do it anyway because my local mirror somehow got
#broken symlinks (and I don't maintain that mirror)

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