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Re: I have a Woody, would you like to use it?

On Mon, Apr 03, 2000 at 02:19:54PM +1000, Michael Anthon wrote:
> OK, bad pun, sorry 8^)
> Over the weekend I installed the latest unstable stuff onto an E250 that we
> had sitting here doing bugger all apart from keeping the room warm.  I even
> managed to compile myself a SMP kernel for it (2.2.14).  


> I have noticed that there seems to be a few missing packages in the graphics
> libs area and I was wondering if this is because of 
> a) a lack of build resources
> b) a lack of human resources to do any of the required tweaking to make
> these work on sparc.
> If it is due to a lack of build resources, I can make this machine available
> to build some packages if it would help.

Right now woody for sparc is a really bad choice. I suggest staying with
potato[1]. The reason being that a lot is going into getting the release out
the door right now. This isn't a lack of resources or man power, per se,
since I could easily start up a build daemon for unstable one quite a few of
the ultrasparc's we have at our disposal. It's more of prorities.

[1]: Last I checked there were ~280 packages for woody-sparc that were
either out-of-date, or uncompiled, while potato is 99.95% synced (saving
one program, clisp, which we cannot seem to get fixed on sparc).

BTW, what graphics packages are you missing? I don't think there are any
available for i386 that are not also available for sparc (except the glide
stuff, but that isn't sparc's fault, it's the asm).


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