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silo issues: can't boot off the HD

This is probably just a me problem, not specifically a debian problem.

I have yet to get booting off the hd to work on my potato box; it didn't
work either when it was running slink (before i upgraded).

By default, the PROM env var 'boot-from' defaults to vmunix; I set it to
vmlinuz (didn't work as vmunix either iirc :). 

My silo.conf reads:


Tho i've played with several and never gotten anything to work. It's not
helpful that silo doesn't seem to give you any confirmation that it's
actually written an image to the boot sector (a la LILO).

This config looks the same as a working config on my (booting correctly)
RedHat sparc. Unfortunately I can't get to the console (it's remote) so I
can't tell whether I have the prom env vars right. And it was so long
since I set up the RH box I can't remember what I did :) <sigh>


Ari Heitner
  DC: 703/5733512  CMU: 412/8622699  www.singularity-software.com

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