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Re: audio?

On Tue, 19 Oct 1999 sharkey@ale.physics.sunysb.edu wrote:

> I've been using Debian more or less exclusively since 0.93R6.  I did my
> first Debian installation over four years ago.  I've been very happy with
> Debian, and I'm not eager to switch to RH.
> That was on i386, of course.  My first Sparc installation was last week.

Cool.  I've been using Debian on i386 for a while as well.  I had used
RedHat on a sparc originally, but I just couldn't stand Redhat. :)  So I
just put up with Debian's pre-release quirks.  

> I've been toying with the idea of porting ALSA, but that's a big job.
> It runs on i386 and Alpha now, but it won't compile under sparc.  The DMA
> code is all different.  It might be more than I have time to handle right

Heh, that would be cool. :)  


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