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Re: audio?

On Mon, 18 Oct 1999 sharkey@ale.physics.sunysb.edu wrote:

> Sorry.  I didn't really mean to be that aggressive.  It's getting late in
> this corner of the world, and I've had a little too much caffeine, I think...

No problem... I just woke up so my tolerence level is a bit low. :) 

> > Or feel free to take on the role of package manager.
> I thought Debian had closed the new developer application process?

Well, I think anyone who wants to work is welcome.  Also, I just
remembered that I think RedHat's audio stuff is a bit better off on Sparc
then Debian.  Debian only just released the Sparc version less then a year
ago, while RedHat's Sparc has been around a while.  They have a few extra
things hammered out.  Audio just dosn't seem to be a high priority.  It
would be nice to have nice streamlined audio, it is a bit discouraging
that TIK is the only thing that works really well. :)

> But if you have an 8-bit wav file, how does endianness matter?  I would think
> that it would be the same either way.  Maybe I'm just naive about audio

True, it shouldn't.  I've also had some interesting issues.  Sometimes
some wav files play fine from a Windows machine, other wav files just give
me noise.  There could still actually be some driver issues.

> I guess it's time to look at the code and start filing bug reports with
> patches.  Those are the most likely to actually get fixed.

That generally gets quick attention. :)

> 143 MHz Ultra 1, with CS4231 audio chip.  (At least, that's the one I'm
> working on at the moment.  I've got a few older ones, too.)

Heh, nope, your all set. :)  I'm here with a measly little SS5-85. :) 


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