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Re: audio?

> Wow, dude, take another pill or something. :)  I thought I was being
> helpful, I didn't expect to be hammered.  

Sorry.  I didn't really mean to be that aggressive.  It's getting late in
this corner of the world, and I've had a little too much caffeine, I think...
> Anyway, if you need something to work and it's critical for you, port it
> yourself.

I don't have problem with that.  I just wish I had more free time.

> Or feel free to take on the role of package manager.

I thought Debian had closed the new developer application process?

> There is also an audio faq.

I read that, it didn't seem to help.
> Most of the issues are big endian / little endian issues.

But if you have an 8-bit wav file, how does endianness matter?  I would think
that it would be the same either way.  Maybe I'm just naive about audio
> Freeamp for
> example works because it can deal with that. Freeamp however fails on crap
> MP3's where others do a better job.

I guess it's time to look at the code and start filing bug reports with
patches.  Those are the most likely to actually get fixed.

> It also might be helpful to know what kind of sparc you have.

143 MHz Ultra 1, with CS4231 audio chip.  (At least, that's the one I'm
working on at the moment.  I've got a few older ones, too.)

I don't think lack of CPU should be a problem.

Thanks for your help,


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