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new bootdisks available for testing

I put new bootdisks to

They hopefully fix:
1. support for PS/2 style keyboards ? (at least the maps are available; don't
   know about the software used to load the keymaps).

2. skip configuring the keyboard on serial console installation.
   Will remove the "/dev/tty0: can't open..." message.

3. another fix to /dev/console support for 2.2 kernels: job control is now
   working in first console (eg. under the shell spawn from dbootstrap).
   Error messages are redirected to tty3 if any.

4. ultrasparc floppy images should be bootable now (only works if your
   workstation support booting from floppy).

5. /dev/mouse link is created

Still needed to be fixed:
A. /dev/fb* permissions or X access to them.

I'd be grateful to any of you who could do some trial.

PS: current 2.2.7 kernel is misinterpreting keys from Sun keyboards (type 4, 5)
    but you can hit the right-arrow key many times up to the item which reloads
    the default keymap.  Then a more usable keyboard will be restored.

PPS: the base system is providing the following newer packages not in slink ATM:
    makedev  2.3.1-23
    silo     0.8.6-1

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