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Re: multi sparc bootable CDROM

Well, I thought about this and found more problems I didn't solve yet:
debian-sparc32 is based on 2.0.35 kernel (at least for installation) but
debian-ultra is 2.2 based.  At least modules & serial console device are
Therefore I need a specific install program to locate the right drivers' disk
imagen on the cdrom, and maybe more...

I'm willing to work on sparc32 bootdisks & cdrom first then I will spend the
rest of my spare time (if any) to combine both world.

BTW, have you tried to build bootdisks dedicated to the ultra port based on
the boot-floppies package ?  Working bootdisks could be a start for me to see
the differences.


Steve Dunham wrote:
> Eric Delaunay <delaunay@lix.polytechnique.fr> writes:
> >   I'm working on the CDROM boot method for Debian/SPARC (sparc32)
> > based on silo and I discovered silo is able to bootstrap ultra
> > workstations too.  Therefore I could provide a setup with 2 kernels,
> > one for old sparcs (sun4c & sun4m) and another for ultrasparcs
> > (sun4u).  However I don't know if there are incompatibilities
> > between Debian sparc32 dist & the ultrapenguin kernel.  In case
> > there is no such incompatibilities, could you package an
> > ultrapenguin kernel that could be included on the CDROM (isofs,
> > loop, initrd & net support compiled in the kernel) ?
> In particular, silo can detect which system you are running and select
> the correct kernel, if you format the silo.conf correctly.  (I've
> mentioned this before.)
> Additionally, you can use "tilo" to make a single tftpboot image that
> works on both systems.
> I already have 2.2.0-pre4 packaged as a Debian package at:
>   /user/u11/ftp/pub/debian
> but the package name is: kernel-image-2.2.0_1.00_sparc.deb (this one
> is missing loop support).
>  ** What should I name the kernel packages? **
> It was compiled on a Debian system. (Not Ultrapenguin.)  It is a
> sparc64 kernel that I grabbed out of CVS.  (There is also a root and
> install image for UltraSparc at the same site.)
> I can provide you with proper source and binary packages, if you wish,
> just let me know what the packages should be named.
> One other issue: You must have the most recent binutils package in the
> root and base images (if you have /sbin/insmod64, then you have the
> right modutils.)
> We will also have to make sure the install program can install the
> right modules and kernel.  Users will need "egcs64_19980921-2" and a
> patched version of binutils to build a kernel themselves (it can be
> built on a Sparc32 system).
> I'm uploading the new egcs64 package, but I'm not uploading binutils,
> because I'm not sure it would get into slink...  (It would make the
> source out of sync with the i386 version.)
> I'll try to get you proper kernel packages later today.  
> What else do you want in the kernel?  What drivers should I compile as
> modules (quad ethernet, bigmac ethernet, fibre channel)?
> Steve
> dunham@cse.msu.edu
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