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Re: multi sparc bootable CDROM

Eric Delaunay <delaunay@lix.polytechnique.fr> writes:

>   I'm working on the CDROM boot method for Debian/SPARC (sparc32)
> based on silo and I discovered silo is able to bootstrap ultra
> workstations too.  Therefore I could provide a setup with 2 kernels,
> one for old sparcs (sun4c & sun4m) and another for ultrasparcs
> (sun4u).  However I don't know if there are incompatibilities
> between Debian sparc32 dist & the ultrapenguin kernel.  In case
> there is no such incompatibilities, could you package an
> ultrapenguin kernel that could be included on the CDROM (isofs,
> loop, initrd & net support compiled in the kernel) ?

In particular, silo can detect which system you are running and select
the correct kernel, if you format the silo.conf correctly.  (I've
mentioned this before.)

Additionally, you can use "tilo" to make a single tftpboot image that
works on both systems.

I already have 2.2.0-pre4 packaged as a Debian package at:


but the package name is: kernel-image-2.2.0_1.00_sparc.deb (this one
is missing loop support).

 ** What should I name the kernel packages? **

It was compiled on a Debian system. (Not Ultrapenguin.)  It is a
sparc64 kernel that I grabbed out of CVS.  (There is also a root and
install image for UltraSparc at the same site.)

I can provide you with proper source and binary packages, if you wish,
just let me know what the packages should be named.

One other issue: You must have the most recent binutils package in the
root and base images (if you have /sbin/insmod64, then you have the
right modutils.)

We will also have to make sure the install program can install the
right modules and kernel.  Users will need "egcs64_19980921-2" and a
patched version of binutils to build a kernel themselves (it can be
built on a Sparc32 system).

I'm uploading the new egcs64 package, but I'm not uploading binutils,
because I'm not sure it would get into slink...  (It would make the
source out of sync with the i386 version.)

I'll try to get you proper kernel packages later today.  

What else do you want in the kernel?  What drivers should I compile as
modules (quad ethernet, bigmac ethernet, fibre channel)?


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