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Re: multi sparc bootable CDROM

Eric Delaunay <delaunay@lix.polytechnique.fr> writes:

> Well, I thought about this and found more problems I didn't solve yet:
> debian-sparc32 is based on 2.0.35 kernel (at least for installation) but
> debian-ultra is 2.2 based.  At least modules & serial console device are
> differents.
> Therefore I need a specific install program to locate the right drivers' disk
> imagen on the cdrom, and maybe more...

> I'm willing to work on sparc32 bootdisks & cdrom first then I will spend the
> rest of my spare time (if any) to combine both world.

> BTW, have you tried to build bootdisks dedicated to the ultra port based on
> the boot-floppies package ?  Working bootdisks could be a start for me to see
> the differences.

I've managed to build a kernel package from the 2.2.0-pre5 source
using kpkg (with some minor tweaks). And you can grab the
package from:


kpkg-make did't really like the "-pre?" kernels very well. It kept
putting the modules in the wrong place.  

I'm going to make a new package with the 2.2.0 source plus David
Miller's patch (to make it compile on the sparc) and another David
Miller patch to fix a semop() problem that breaks postgresql and
fakeroot.  I'll let you know when they are ready.  (kpkg-make should
make a full set of packages this time.)

I still haven't been able to get a bootable floppy made yet. (I have
successfully created bootable CD's for the sparc in the past, but no

When I try the floppy in an Ultra1, I get:

SIIllegal Instruction

instead of the usual SILO prompt.  (I did use the boot-floppies
package to make the floppies.)  Dunno why. 

Same thing happens when I try to build an UltraPenguin floppy by hand.
I will look into the problem further.  Either way, the generated
floppy images can be used to do tftpboot and cdrom installs.


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