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Re: sparc frozen

James Troup wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry for the delay, but it's finally been done.  The following
> packages have been removed from slink because the version in sid was
> from potato.  Please recompile them with the slink source and hax0r
> the .changes file to say `frozen' only and upload them.
>   apache, apache-common, f2c, libgdbm* (source: gdbm), netstd,
>   cfengine, gnuplot, xspread, pccts.  
>   (And from contrib: netscape-base-4)
> I removed fbset2 from frozen _and_ unstable as it's obsolete, please
> compile the newest fbset source as normal.
> Some other packages were removed from slink, but shouldn't be
> recompiled for slink.  (For the record they were:
> libapache-mod-roaming, geda, libnet-ldap-perl, libconvert-ber-perl,
> egcs64, kernel-image-2.1.125)
> (If you need any of them in a slink, you'll need to upload source for
> the package to slink too)
> I can only test it so much prior to the daily dinstall run, which is
> the real acid test, but I think it's worked.  If there are any
> problems, please let us know.

Hello James,

  don't worry about the delay, you've done a great job anyway :-))
Now I hope I will be able to build bootable CDROMs to complete the


PS: I was very busy last week.  Hope I will have some spare time this week to
    work on bootable CDs.

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