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sparc frozen


Sorry for the delay, but it's finally been done.  The following
packages have been removed from slink because the version in sid was
from potato.  Please recompile them with the slink source and hax0r
the .changes file to say `frozen' only and upload them.

  apache, apache-common, f2c, libgdbm* (source: gdbm), netstd,
  cfengine, gnuplot, xspread, pccts.  

  (And from contrib: netscape-base-4)

I removed fbset2 from frozen _and_ unstable as it's obsolete, please
compile the newest fbset source as normal.

Some other packages were removed from slink, but shouldn't be
recompiled for slink.  (For the record they were:
libapache-mod-roaming, geda, libnet-ldap-perl, libconvert-ber-perl,
egcs64, kernel-image-2.1.125)

(If you need any of them in a slink, you'll need to upload source for
the package to slink too)

I can only test it so much prior to the daily dinstall run, which is
the real acid test, but I think it's worked.  If there are any
problems, please let us know.


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