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Install images for Debian on UltraSparc available

Ward Deng <wdeng@KachinaTech.COM> writes:

> Steve,

> Please contact me with your progress. Our Debian UltraLinux developers 
> have decided to go for two-step approach. Rather than working with
> a hybrid RedHat based UltraPenguin system, we'd rather start with a
> Debian counterpart of UltraPenguin which is also 32-bit now. Most 
> developers are happy working toward a 64-bit platform from a pure
> 32-bit Debian/sparc system.

> I will get an UltraSPARC AXi based system back on Wednesday so I can
> work on installation too.

> I will also help on provide FTP space for your packages. If your 
> Ultra-5 does not have enough space or resources to build packages,
> please use our xia01 and xia03.

I now have a preliminary set of images for installing Debian on an
UltraSparc, they are available at:


with documentation at:


The kernel used is 2.2.0-pre4 from CVS.  Currently, the images are
UltraSparc only, since the "install" program will have to be tweaked
before the install works on both systems.  My base2_1.tgz works with
any system. (I just updated the modutils package to the latest

There are a few minor issues.  For now, it is only a tftpboot install,
and it seems that the install program doesn't detect the "broken loop
device" correctly, so you might have to manually mount the NFS tree
and copy the images to /target in VT2.  You also will need to get the
X servers &c from the above FTP site.  I'm still trying to get the
X patches merged into the Debian source tree.

Also, I haven't merged the binutils patches into Debian, so you'll
have to get binutils from my site if you want to build kernels.  (You
also need egcs64 from my site, until I get around to uploading the
newer version.)


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