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Re: The time has come ...

> Also, there doesn't seem to be a symlink from /dev/fb to /dev/fb0 on my
> machine, which maybe there should be.

No, there is no need for these symlinks (at least as far as the X server is concerned). I looked at this when I did the last X server (particularly at how the X server handles things on Solaris and SunOS). The Right Thing to do is to have the X server try to use all /dev/fb* (actually, I decided to only try /dev/fb[0123] since that's what Solaris/SunOS version did. I don't know of any sparcs that support more than 4 framebuffers, so it sort of makes sense.) This should also mean that it will automatically figure out if your box is multiheaded and if so start X on all your screens - with a /dev/fb symlink this will not work.

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