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Compiling apt for Sparc

In an earlier thread, Jules said:

> apt-get is segfault because you have broken your libraries - alas, you'll
> have to recompile apt against libstdc++ 2.9

Tried to compile apt the hard way (./configure ; make).  Failed.
Tried the hard way (vi Makefile; make; vi Makefile; make...).  Failed
Tried the easier way (debian/binary rules).  Clean success!!!

So now I have apt-0.1.7 for SPARC.  Should I upload it somewhere?  In case
anybodby needs it, please mail me.


xsun-server needs fonts.  xfonts-base needs xbase-clients.  xbase-clients
not available in dists/sid/main/binary-sparc/x11 . 

Hmmmmm.  Help?

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