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problem - *OLD* Sun 1/4inch tape drives

I've managed to get hold of an old sun 1/4inch tape drive backup pack (a   
huge thing that used to sit on an old 386i). I've got it configured as   
device 4 along with a CD(6) and two hard drives (3 - Linux, 1 - SunOS).   
While it works fine under SunOS4.1.1, It isn't working under Linux   
(Redhat 5.1).

I've tried 'tar cvf /dev/st0 ./', 'mt -f /dev/st0 status'  and mounting   
it but get messages back concerning the device not existing or operation   
not permitted - the device does exist in my /dev/ directory.

I'm using the stock kernel that comes with 5.1 (2.0.34?) and have tried   
building a monolithic kernel with scsi tape support. Still no good...

I've even run MAKEDEV to recreate the tape devices.

Any ideas..


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