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Re: X server problems:

--On Mon, Oct 19, 1998 10:50 pm +0200 "Anders Hammarquist"
<iko@cd.chalmers.se> wrote: 

>> A couple of problems which I definitely see with my X server:
>> 1) Control key gets 'stuck' down.
>> If I use <Ctrl-Alt-F1> to switch out of X into VC 1, and then use simply
>> <Alt-F7> to switch back in, the server then behaves as if the ctrl key is
>> held down.  This can be cleared easily enough by explicitly typing
>> ctrl-something.
> I haven't noticed this (but then I very rarely switch out of X). Does it 
> happen if you type <Ctrl-Alt-F7> to get back as well? (If not, it can
> be fixed by inserting a synthetic 'clear all keys' after returning from a 
> different VC.)

It doesn't.  That's why I was precise about the fact. Could you try that fix
in your next version, then?

>> 2) Mouse gets occasionally seized by gpm
>> Symptom is that the mouse will freeze after a switch between console and
>> mode.  I am pretty sure the interaction is with gpm since /etc/init.d/gpm
>> stop fixes it.
> Yes, Xsun and gpm don't get along sharing the mouse. This probably has to
> with the fact that gpm uses the linux way to talk to the mouse and Xsun
> the sparc way.

Fair enough.

>> 3) Occasionally, the system will switch to the X VC for no reason.  This
>> often seems to happen on the first console message since xconsole was
>> launched.  This will often be accompanied by symptoms of X 'latching on'
>> the VC which was running when it happened.
> This seems odd, I would almost suspect bugs in the virtual console kernel 
> code. I'll see if I can repeat it and figure anything out. (If anyone has
> on how to get this to happen, let me know).

I'm pretty sure there are bugs in the VC code.

I don't want to reboot xdm now to test (sorry) but I'm pretty sure this
always work:

My machine runs xdm from /etc/init.d/xdm automatically.  xdm's setup scripts
launch an xconsole which sits below the login dialog (i.e. debian standard

If I then immediately switch to another VC and log in as root, the resultant
console message (ROOT LOGIN on ttyx) will trigger a flick to the X VC.

When this has happened, the text VC which triggered the flick gets confused,
and it's kbd_mode becomes raw.  This means that if you go back to this VC,
you have to telnet in and call 'kbd_mode -a' to fix things.


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