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Re: X server problems:

>>> 3) Occasionally, the system will switch to the X VC for no reason.  This
>>> often seems to happen on the first console message since xconsole was
>>> launched.  This will often be accompanied by symptoms of X 'latching on'
> to
>>> the VC which was running when it happened.
>> This seems odd, I would almost suspect bugs in the virtual console kernel

>> code. I'll see if I can repeat it and figure anything out. (If anyone has
> tips 
>> on how to get this to happen, let me know).
> I'm pretty sure there are bugs in the VC code.
> I don't want to reboot xdm now to test (sorry) but I'm pretty sure this
> always work:
> My machine runs xdm from /etc/init.d/xdm automatically.  xdm's setup
> launch an xconsole which sits below the login dialog (i.e. debian standard
> behaviour).
> If I then immediately switch to another VC and log in as root, the
> console message (ROOT LOGIN on ttyx) will trigger a flick to the X VC.
> When this has happened, the text VC which triggered the flick gets
> and it's kbd_mode becomes raw.  This means that if you go back to this VC,
> you have to telnet in and call 'kbd_mode -a' to fix things.

More info...

Often, if an X server is running, (and gpm isn't) then if I move the mouse
when using a VC, this causes X to flick up, and causes the VC confusion as

Another point I forgot to mention earlier.  If xdm is running, and the
session ends naturally, the next keypress (to the newly spawned login
widget) will kill of xdm.  Xdm will then apparently respawn on VC8, and all
will be well..


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