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Re: Problems getting started - UPDATE

/ Eirik Mikkelsen <eirikmik@orakel.ntnu.no> wrote:
| I'm having some trouble installing slink/sparc on a SPARCstation
| 1. I've tried the different methods, and different configurations of
| memory, but I can't make it work! I use 9bit parity 1Mb memory, 8 in
| total (two different brands).

I have now tried with 4x4Mb, and get the same error. Before trying to
boot the kernel I do a "test-memory" and nothing seems to be
wrong. After getting "Watchdog reset \ Window underflow" while booting
I do a "test-memory" and get "Bad memory walking data test \ Memory
address not aligned".

I really want to get this thing working, especially after investing in 
those rare 9bit 4Mb collectors items :). I am not sure if the hardware 
is working correctly though... haven't tried any other OS...

Eirik Mikkelsen - eirikmik@orakel.ntnu.no

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