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Problems getting started

I'm having some trouble installing slink/sparc on a SPARCstation
1. I've tried the different methods, and different configurations of
memory, but I can't make it work! I use 9bit parity 1Mb memory, 8 in
total (two different brands).

When trying to install with the tftpboot.img I get "Watchdog reset \
Window Underflow \ ok" - which may not be so strange, I guess 8Mb
isn't enough.

When trying to install with linux.a-out kernel via tftp the kernel
loads and then stops like this:

Sending BOOTP and RARP requests....<7>ARP: arp called for own IP

then it just waits there. I can go back to the openprom by sending
break. The strange thing is; when using only 4Mb of ram, i get this

Sending BOOTP and RARP requests.... OK
Root-NFS: Got RARP answer from, my address is

Watchdog reset
Window Underflow

I've configured BOOTP to the best of my knowledge (the
sparc_release_note.txt didn't mention this at all).

Another thing... I was totally clueless about Sun hardware until a
couple of days ago when I got this machine; what kind of memory
configurations can I have? I bought two 4Mb units, but the machine
totally ignores them - unless I put them together with two 1Mb units
(then it suddenly thinks I've got 20Mb installed). I suspect I must
use 4 of a kind to make things work...or not? 

I'd really appreciate some advice on what might be wrong and what to

Eirik Mikkelsen - eirikmik@orakel.ntnu.no

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