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autofs (was: Debian/sparc problems (and solutions?))

On Thu Oct 15 08:53:07 1998, Christian Meder wrote:

> On Tue, Oct 13, 1998 at 06:46:17PM +0100, Jules Bean wrote:
> > [autofs problems.  Rebuilding with libc 2.0.95 may help]
> I will investigate the problem next week.

I installed autofs_3.1.1-1.  What I found was that it mounted the first
thing correctly, but would hang on the second and subsequent mounts:

For example:

	% ls /home
	% ls /home/bosco_a
	TT_DB       fac         lost+found
	% ls /home/bosco_b
	[long wait]  ^C
	% ls /home/bosco_b
	TT_DB       grad        lost+found

I got the same when I recompiled with libc6_2.0.95-980825-0.1.

--Paul Vojta, vojta@math.berkeley.edu

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