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stdc++2.8 and apt..

More ramblings (deity people, there is a minor bug report for you here).

As I suspected, recompiling apt 0.1.6 was enough to solve my apt
segmentation faults.  The only problem I had with apt was the need to add an
'#include <errno.h>' into apt-get.cc.

So, my SS2 is looking nicer.  I still can't compile packages with proper
dependency information, since ldd segfaults on my machine when run on shared
libs, which is apparently a specifically SS2/kernel 2.0 interaction - but I
can't run a newer kernel, since that breaks our bash.

It would be nice to get 2.1.x series kernels running - does anyone here have
any idea what's wrong with our bash?

I'm still seeing lots of problems with xdm and X - in particular, xdm
respawning after the end of a session doesn't work properly (or at all,


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