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kbdrate for Sparc 5/110?

Can someone please help me.

I installed Redhat 5.1 Sparc Linux on my Sun Sparc 5/110.

The auto key repeat is very fast.  I tried using
kbdrate to slow it down, but it does not seem to work
(i.e., it seems to be built for an IBM/intel platform).

I heard that there is a Debian version of kbdrate that
works for the Sparc.  Can someone send me a copy?
I don't have the pre-release of Debian Sparc Linux installed,
so I can not unpack the *.deb packages.

Thanks very much!

George Wilder
I could not find the floppy disk images at any Debian mirror
to even try to install Debian Sparc Linux.

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