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Re: IPC Problems

On Wed, Oct 07, 1998 at 08:52:19PM -0400, Kevin Fowler wrote:
> Hello,
>    I currently have Debian Linux installed on an IPC with 48 Meg's of RAM.
> The problem I am having is an "Unimplemented SPARC system call 103" and
> "Unimplemented SPARC system call 119" error.  They both appear one right
> after the other several times at boot up and anytime I log in or run a
> program.  I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing these errors.
>    I am almost positive it is one of the Debian packages causing it and
> not the kernel.  I installed the base install via floppy's.  It does not
> give the errors with just the base install.  The errors first start to
> show when I install the rest of the packages via FTP.  If I reinstall the
> base again it fixes the problem.  I tried upgrading from the 2.0.33 kernel
> to the 2.0.35 and I get the same errors.  It is something specific to
> Debian because I originally had RedHat 4.2 installed and did not have this
> problem.  Thanks in advance for any help.

Try upgrading to base/kernel-image-2.0.35_2.0.35-1.deb. It has the appropriate
fix incorporated.


Christian Meder, email: meder@isr.uni-stuttgart.de
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