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Re: Debian/sparc problems (and solutions?)

--On Fri, Sep 25, 1998 1:01 am -0500 "Michael Shuey" <shuey@ecn.purdue.edu>

> Be warned, the following are the insane ramblings of a tired, bored
> and should not be taken as any sort of reasonable thought.  You have been
> warned.


I'm sorry I've been dormant for a couple of months.  I've been busy. 
Happens to the best of us, occasionally.

> I like Debian Linux.  I also like Sun hardware.  I'd really like for these
> things to start working well together, but there are a whole pile of
> right now.  It would be really nice if we (the people testing
> had some central listing of current problems with the distribution, or if
> there was someone we could go to who would track these problems & post
> info on the web.  I'd do this, but I don't have the time (nor am I a
> developer, for that matter).  Still, it'd be a nice idea to know who is
> working on what and what works and what doesn't.  For that matter, if
> people are going to be compiling and uploading packages, it would make
> sense to have a sort of reference platform, based on a certain version of
> libc and the latest stable kernel, for people to use when compiling.  That
> would help to eliminate some of the problems now evident, particularly
> related to a package compiled with a different libc than that which is
> currently available.

I couldn't agree more.

The pages exist.  http://www.debian.org/ports/sparc.  I'm in charge of them.
 But there's not much there at the moment.

[autofs problems.  Rebuilding with libc 2.0.95 may help]

[^Z doesn't work in bash, and recently ksh]

[X problems]

[modprobe problems]

I can add to that:

I'm seeing segfaults with any program which is linked to our current
libstdc++ 2.8.  2.9 is fine.  This is a problem, since apt has broken...

I'm still seeing miscellaneous X problems - random VC switches, kbd mode
getting confused (need to telnet in an run kbd_mode to fix).

And then we have the big kernel version problem.  Any recent 2.1 kernel
(later than eightysomething ????) will not run our bash.  Or not last I
tried, anyhow.

2.0.33 doesn't have the ^Z problem, BTW.  2.0.35 does.

This information needs collating and organising.  I'm happy to do that - it
would help me if anyone who knows I'm wrong on something above, or has more
data, would speak up.  I only have an SS2, and I know *some* of my problems
are either SS2 specific, or CG6 specific.

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