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SILO configuration

	I would like to configure SILO so that it load automatically
linux after a short waiting time. THis should be eassy but I fail !
	For one thing there is no man page for silo. There is only a
file README.gz in the directory /usr/doc/silo, and it is very vague
about configuration.
	The /etc/silo.conf created by default contains the line


but if you don't press Enter at the SILO prompt, the waiting time
seems to be forever. Yesterday I have to go home and can't wait for
the SILO prompt to appear (the PROM takes a long time to check for
memory, etc ...) so I just left thinking that after a timeout silo
will automatically boot into linux. But this morning when I return,
the SILO boot prompt is still there !

I have tried to change the line timeout=100 to timeout=10 and even
suppress it. There is still a too long waiting time (I don't know how
much, I can't wait). The only thing which works is to put timeout=0,
but then yiu don't have the opportunity to type anything at the

Is this a bug in silo ? At least there should be a silo man page so I
can see if it does exactly what the man page says (timeout=100 may
means wait for 100 hours -:)

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