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Re: i386 user entering sparc land

> > Congratz. I envy you the opportunity.
> I envey me it too....I have wanted one for so long. yesterday was
> my birthday and...I saw them atthe flea market...sorta became a birthday
> present. 

Happy birthday!

> hitting those milestones...20 years old...got my first sparc...yes this
> year is starting out much better than last year :)


> > > can I use my i386 linux box to make up the base dist disks? 
> > > Are there any common problems I should be aware of? 
> > 
> > Lowlevel format the floppies on the sparc, stick 'em in the i386 and dd
> > 'em. Then stick 'em back in the sparc and boot up. Voila.
> assuming I get it up and runnign with RedHat...how do I low-level format
> a floppy? (I almost never use floppies these days...with TR-4 tape
> drives and 3.2 gig hard drives...come a long way from my Apple II GS
> with an 800 k floppy and no hard drive)

I believe 'fdformat' would work, but I'm not sure if that's canonical.

Most of my sparc experience is Solaris.. the funny thing is, I actually
kinda liked Solaris. :> But Linux was like 4 times as fast.

> > > also...is that 3/80 good for anything? what CAN i do with it...if not use linux
> > > -Steve
> > 
> > If you don't want it.. ;> 
> lol didn't you say that last night on IRC? :) If I can't do anything
> with it I would get rid of it...not quite ready to give up on it
> just yet....but if I can't find a use for it...ill remember you asked ;)

Of course there's something you can do with it. :>


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