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Re: SNAPSHOT 2.0.32

> } Changes:
> } - ET_DYN support in ELF loader for gnu libc stuff (ecd) 
> Does this give a stepping stone for the ELF versioning stuff that has held 
> up RH 5.0?  (ie is it possible you could expand on what this does for the 
> ELF illiterate, please).

No, this just lets you compile the GNU libc with its baroque method of
compiling itself.

Richard Henderson backported the sparc code from GNU libc 2.1 to GNU
libc 2.0 (which does not requiere you to have a working binutils with
versioning support), so it is now possible to do a rh5 sparc port.

On the other hand, HJ Lu has pinpointed the problem with the
versioning bug in the binutils, a fix may be available soonish.


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