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Makin' packages...

To Whom It May Concern:

    I've tried Debian on my little IPC twice now, and each time you guys
fix something.  I've tried RedHat twice now and each time it annoys me more.
I've decided to just start compiling Debian packages in earnest; I've started
to make a small collection of them and I'd like to upload them for general
use.  This leads to a few simple questions:

1)  Where should I upload these .deb files?  lix?  master?

2)  What do I do about packages that use altgcc?  I assume that anything I
    build should be built against libc6 (correct me if I'm wrong), but what
    do I do about things (like the latest version of bash) that build some
    libraries with libc5?  Currently I'm just not building the libc5 portion.
    Any suggestions (other than making altgcc work; you guys might be able
    to do that but I can't :-)

3)  I want X to work.  Is anyone out there working on Xsun and, if so, how
    could I help?  If not, anyone have any pointers for someone who's never
    built a large Debian package but would like to try?

4)  I'm starting to build up a small list of very minor problems with source
    packages as I build things.  Should I, at some point, file all these as
    bug reports?

By the way, nice job Juan Cespedes.  Those .debs of libc6 & binutils seem to
be working fine. :-)

Mike "No .sig for you" Shuey

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