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Re: Makin' packages...

On Tue, 9 Dec 1997, Michael Shuey wrote:

> 1)  Where should I upload these .deb files?  lix?  master?

	If you are an official Debian Developer, I think you should
upload them to master.  If not, I would consider the posibility of
becoming a developer.  I don't want two distributions: one in lix
and other in master (sorry Eric; I think your machine has been very
useful, but we should upload things to master).

> 2)  What do I do about packages that use altgcc?  I assume that anything I
>     build should be built against libc6 (correct me if I'm wrong), but what
>     do I do about things (like the latest version of bash) that build some
>     libraries with libc5?  Currently I'm just not building the libc5 portion.
>     Any suggestions (other than making altgcc work; you guys might be able
>     to do that but I can't :-)

	I'm working on altgcc right now.  If everything goes OK,  I
may have a working version this week.

> 3)  I want X to work.  Is anyone out there working on Xsun and, if so, how
>     could I help?  If not, anyone have any pointers for someone who's never
>     built a large Debian package but would like to try?

	Pointers?  The Debian Policy and the Debian Packaging Manual,
available from ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/doc/package-developer.

	I'm afraid I can't help you with X, but you could have a look
at the RedHat sources for that.

> 4)  I'm starting to build up a small list of very minor problems with source
>     packages as I build things.  Should I, at some point, file all these as
>     bug reports?

	If they are minor building problems, yes, I think you should
submit bug reports.

> By the way, nice job Juan Cespedes.  Those .debs of libc6 & binutils seem to
> be working fine. :-)

	Thank you :)  Please tell me any problem you could find with
those packages.

Juan Cespedes

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