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Sparc serial terminal setup with wyse 60???

 I just bought a used sparc 1+ and a used wyse sixty terminal. The dealer
of the sparc said he used a terminal on it and I should just be able to
plug mine in. Well I can't. THe back of my terminal has two serial ports.
And the back of the sparc has two db-25 aserial ports and a 15 pin port.
the setups are labeled as so:


DB-25 Srial port (Modem)

DB-25 Srial port (Aux)   

Sparc 1+:

DB-25 Srial port (A)

DB-25 Srial port (B)

15 pin port

I am not sure what goes where (hah hah real funny...)
Also I am not sure if all my settings are right in the config values of my
termianl. Does anybody have any experience with a setup like this?

Douglas F. Elznic
"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of
patriots and tyrants."

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