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Re: I'd like to help, what needs to be done?

Michael Shuey <shuey@ecn.purdue.edu> writes:

>     I recently got a little SparcStation IPC.  It's not much but hey, it's a
> sparc.  I stuck Debian on it and quickly realized that, well, there isn't
> much of a Debian/SPARC install.  And until the compilers work there really
> won't be.  So I tried RedHat.  After finding that I really don't like RedHat
> I've decided to just help as much as I can on the Debian distribution.
>     I've never worked with anything as complex or as low level as libc or
> binutils, but I'd like to do whatever I can to help make it go.  If someone
> could take the time to (briefly) explain to me how to become a Debian developer
> and what needs to be done (or just point me to some web page with all this
> info; I may be busy but I can still read :-) I'd like to help.

Ok... I will try to describe situation :)

   What we need most of all for Debian/Sparc ?
   We need a lot of ports. Or target is to be all ports-full as i386
   is. So select your favourite package(s) an get ready port it :)

   Why we are not making a lot of ports by now ?
   Just because we are having broken GCC/BINUTILS/LIBC trio. I hope it will
   be fixed soon.(If you would like you can get _currently_ working gcc/binutls
   but they are not in .deb format packages and it's little tricy to install
   them :)

   Ok. I create some _very_ usefull and looks like working port of xxxx. Where
   should i put in so every one will be able to use it ?
   Upload it to lix.polytechnique.fr:/pub/Linux/debian/sparc/Incoming and 
   drop a little info about in this mailing-list.

   Don't you afraid that i am will be porting the same packages as someone else
   is currently porting too ?
   We don't afraid of it :) There are so little of us by who are doing a ports
   for Debian/SParc that every port or 2 currently ports is nice.. 
   But we hope ASAP to set up some page - who is what doing and what ports 
   are urgently needed.

P.S. Eric - sorry that i am referencing at you site but i am really don't know
     anybody else here who will be working with Debian/Sparc... So you will
     be(or you are... i am too lazy to check out www.debian.org :) project
     leader for Debian/Sparc. Do you have the rights to upload to the 
     main distibution site ?(ftp.debian.org/hamm/hamm/binary-sparc)
     Eric - Also about page of ports in progress.. Do you have any ideas
     where to put it ? Or i am just missing something and we having it 
     somewhere ? 

Alexey Pialkin

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