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Re: ld

Alexey Pialkin wrote:
> Hrmm.. All i can say that you are right an i am wrong :) So i am uploading
> binutils*addon*971111.tgz.. It should contatin gasp,gperf,as - all statically
> linked(i tested :).
> P.S. strange.. i was having old as during all my experiments with new gcc
> and it was working right. but it is sig-ing for you.. strange.

I'm still trying to compile the hello package ;-((
First of all, your binutils & gcc work, thanks :-) but I'm willing to
understand why!

I rebuilt my binutils, and now they work when statically linked against libbfd
& libopcodes or these libraries compiled without -O2 !

It seems there is some trouble either in the building process of shared
libraries or in the runtime loader (ld-linux.so.2).
I will investigate it next week.


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