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new setup & gcc problem

Hello, dear sparc developers,

  I have reinstalled my 2 sparcs dedicated to debian-sparc development (one
ELC & one Sparc5) from scratch, using the boot-floppies I made a long time
ago.  In fact, it is very very buggy ;-((
I did such reinstallation to continue to develop using a clean Debian setup
(my previous configurations were based on RedHat, Debian, vger and so ;-) ).

First of all, I was not able to install kernel image & modules from the menus
due to a bug in the /dev/loop* device.  I've got I/O error when I tried to
mount an image through this device.  I think it's related to NFS.  In fact, I
tried to mount an image located on a NFS mounted filesystem with no success
while the same thing on a local disk works well :-((
I've got the same behavior on my PC box under Linux 2.0.27, so I think it's a
kernel related problem.
In effect, we will have to put these images unpacked on the NFS installation
server to be able to run the kernel installation step.  I can post a fix if
you want (it's based on boot-floppies-1.2.16 or so).

Well, my 2 sparc boxes are now running Debian.  One part is coming from old
packages I uploaded months ago (always available at lix.polytechnique.fr under
/pub/Linux/debian/sparc/bo), and the other come from current hamm distribution.
Both are running the same configuration.
However, I cannot compile on my Sparc5 box while the SparcELC works fine :-((
gcc gave me the following error:

gcc: Internal compiler error: program cc1 got fatal signal 10

Moreover, the same packages compiled both on my SparcELC and my cross-compiler
under Solaris work fine under my Sparc5.
Anyone have experienced this problem?  I don't know whether it's related to
kernel, libc or gcc.
I'm running gcc, libc6 970928-3 (almost the same as the publicly
available -2 with kernel_termios.h added and a fix to libc_g), latest binutils linked with libc6 and stock kernel 2.0.29 from disks-sparc 970328.


PS: I'm willing to fix the socket problem in libc6 before to upload a new snapshot.

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