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Unidentified subject!

Hello !
 Yesteday i'v installed Debian on my lovely SPARC Classic and during
installation i have a bunch of problems :

	0) fdisk
	1) /dev/nfs 
	2) /dev/loop & MSDOS fs 

Yes,these problems are well known(& known for a long time), so may be it shoud
be fixed in standard distribution ?

Now about packages. First of all - where shoud i get a most recently version
of them ? As far I undestand this place is not ftp.debian.org :) just because
 i'v got some packages from it depending on libc6 and no libc6 at all :)). 
The second - what are needing/whanting packages ? I am ready to take care 
about some of them..

P.S. BTW,i should say that Debian-Sparc it a _very_ nice thing. And i am
	very glad to have the same distribution on my home PC & at work.
	Good Work !
P.P.S. lynx*.deb is depending on slang - but this is not written in .deb..
	fix it.

Alexey Pialkin

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