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Re: new packages...

Johnie Ingram wrote:
 > "Davide" == Davide Barbieri <paci@chiara.dei.unipd.it> writes:
 > Davide> I'm working on pgp, rsa, ssh.
 > Cool.  The prepackaged pgp for sparc, and even the one I compiled
 > myself, just dont work:
 > 	Type Bits/KeyID    Date       User ID
 > 	pub? 1021/00000000            Bruce Perens <Bruce@Pixar.com>
 > 	1 matching key found.
 > They cant read or generate valid keys.

I have a working pgp sparc debian package. I can't upload right now,
because it is not signed with my pgp key.

My pgp key was generated on a i386; now I need to port on sparc

porting the public key is easy (pgp -kxa on i386, ftp the ascii key,
pgp -ka on sparc); but I need also the secret key...

someone know what to do?


ps> if you really need pgp, I can put on lix.polytechnique.fr
when I have my pgp working, I will do a signed upload
Davide Barbieri - paci@linux.it - paci@debian.org (Sparc Debian)
PGP fingerprint =  CD 8D A9 1E DB 0C B0 16  F8 2F BF 63 52 49 8B A8

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