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Re: new packages...

On Thu, 16 Oct 1997, Davide Barbieri wrote:

> My pgp key was generated on a i386; now I need to port on sparc

	Hmmm... aren't they binary-compatible?

> porting the public key is easy (pgp -kxa on i386, ftp the ascii key,
> pgp -ka on sparc); but I need also the secret key...

	On the i386, type:
$ pgp -kxa paci@pluto.linux.it whatever ~/.pgp/secring.pgp

	This will save a copy or your PGP secret key, coded in ASCII,
in the file `whatever.asc'.

	Move the file `whatever.asc' to the Sparc, and then, in the Sparc:
$ pgp -ka whatever.asc ~/.pgp/secring.pgp

	This will create the file ~/.pgp/secring.pgp with your secret key.

	Gook luck.

Juan Cespedes

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