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Re: new packages...

On Wed, 15 Oct 1997, Eric Delaunay wrote:

> I can use pgp from a PC box if I move files to upload to this machine.
> I already have generated a PGP key but I don't know how to send it to the
> Debian team.

	You'll have to send it to `igor@debian.org', but he has to
know that you really own that key, so another maintainer has to sign
your key or, alternatively, you'll have to mail him some identity
physically scanned (eg, an identity card or a driver's license),
signed with your PGP key.

> I already compiled libg++272 in the past.  I don't remember the problems I
> encountered, so I think I have had no major compilation troubles.
> There is a libg++272 on Debian ftp site.

	Yes, I know... I uploaded it :-), but it doesn't work with the
new libc6, and I'm having some problems building it now...

Juan Cespedes

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