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Re: new packages...

Juan Cespedes wrote:
> On Wed, 15 Oct 1997, Eric Delaunay wrote:
> > I have an account but no pgp key.  I currently do unsigned uploads because I
> > didn't installed pgp on my sparc-linux workstation from where I upload
> > packages.
> 	Hmmm... I'm afraid you will need a pgp-key.  All unsigned
> uploads are rejected from master.

It's a new behavior.  I did unsigned uploads in the past.

> 	You can use `pgp' in master.debian.org, assuming you use `ssh'
> to connect there (for security reasons).
> 	Alternatively, someone else can sign your packages...

I can use pgp from a PC box if I move files to upload to this machine.
I already have generated a PGP key but I don't know how to send it to the
Debian team.

> > Hmm, these symbols are tagged ``U'', ie. undefined.  There are only external
> > refs.  No problem at all.
> 	Yes, but I can't find where are these symbols defined.  If
> they are not defined elsewhere, then this is a bug.  Some function
> inside libm won't be able to resolve that symbol and will probably
> segfault.

They are only defined in libc.a.  In effect, each symbol not found in
libc.so.6 is get from libc.a and statically linked to each program.
Look into the libc.so script...

> > I'm working on ncurses again.
> 	IIRC, ncurses needs libg++ to compile, but there isn't any
> working version.  Am I wrong?

I already compiled libg++272 in the past.  I don't remember the problems I
encountered, so I think I have had no major compilation troubles.
There is a libg++272 on Debian ftp site.


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