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Re: what have we to do?

Juan Cespedes wrote:
> [...]
> 	Why don't we try to build a newer glibc?  I don't think it's
> so hard... but it requires at least 200 Mb of free disk space and a
> lot of time (about 30 hours on a SparcStation ELC).

Hello all,

  I'm back to work on Sparc port.
I would want to build a new glibc, but I would want to install a
cross-compiler environment on a Solaris workstation before.  I would want to
use a HyperSparc bi-pro & one UltraSparc, both under Solaris 2.5, to compile
Debian packages faster than I never did!
Does anyone have experience in building a cross-compiler environment?
I guess I have to install binutils & gcc.  What else?


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