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Re: what have we to do?

On Thu, 2 Oct 1997, Eric Delaunay wrote:

>   I'm back to work on Sparc port.
> I would want to build a new glibc,

	I have been trying to build glibc 970927, 970928 and 971001,
all of them with identical results: nothing works.

	Appart from minor compilation problems, easily solved, the
resulted dynamic libraries don't work.  They always give me
'Segmentation falult'.  I'm still working on it...

	Hmm... `ldd' says they are linked against libc5, but that's
alsa what it says regarding the libraries in libc6_2.0.90-970629-1a,
and I think it's a bug in ldd. Can anyone confirm this?

	BTW, Has anyone have any success building any other glibc?

	I'm also working on porting `strace', and I think it's not as
difficult as it seems... and I think that will be very useful.

> but I would want to install a
> cross-compiler environment on a Solaris workstation before.  I would want to
> use a HyperSparc bi-pro & one UltraSparc, both under Solaris 2.5, to compile
> Debian packages faster than I never did!
> Does anyone have experience in building a cross-compiler environment?

	Well, I did that a long time ago, when there wasn't even libc5
for the Sparc (cross-compiling from i386), and all the steps to do
were explained in vger.rutgers.edu:/pub/linux/Sparc.  I think they are
still there, and they could help you.

> I guess I have to install binutils & gcc.  What else?

	Well, you'll also need all the libraries you wish to compile
your packages against (both static and shared libraries).

	Please tell us about your progress.

Juan Cespedes

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