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Re: what have we to do?

On Thu, 2 Oct 1997, Davide Barbieri wrote:

> 	I think it is clear that none of us can work on glibc right now.
> So we are stick here, with a semi-broken glibc.

	Yes, the current glibc we have is pretty old... I'm trying to
compile last versions, but still with no luck.  Is anybody else
working on this?

> 	I am pretty sure, that there will not be a glibc 2.0 for
> sparc linux.


> Hopefully RedHat guys are working on glibc 2.1 sources
> to get a stable glibc for sparc/linux, right? But they cannot made
> public release of glibc sources for sparc, until it is stable
> (this is what I guess from redhat sparc mailing list).

	Hmmm... who?  where?  I've only seen one single message
regarding glibc in the redhat sparc list, in which Donnie Barnes
<djb@redhat.com> says he "will likely be playing with 2.1 very soon".
Have I missed anything?

> 	We cannot upload packages compiled with libc5, and we cannot
> upload packages compiled with this broken glibc.

	Well, IMHO, Sparc packages compiled with libc5 should still
be welcomed.

> 	So what are we going to do? Wait?

	Why don't we try to build a newer glibc?  I don't think it's
so hard... but it requires at least 200 Mb of free disk space and a
lot of time (about 30 hours on a SparcStation ELC).

Juan Cespedes

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