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Re: sparc glibc patch?

Davide Barbieri <paci@chiara.dei.unipd.it> writes:

> 	I was looking the GNU www site, in order to found some information
> about glibc development for sparc machines, when I found a sparc-merge
> tar archive, which seems to be a patch for 970820 libc snapshot.

> Is this a patch for sparc glibc 2.1.x? 
> I wasn't able to download glibc, and so I wasn't able to apply
> the patch; and even it I have done it, I couldn't compile glibc on
> my slow sparc machine.

It takes forever on my SS20.

> Someone want to try this patch?

970820 is pretty old...  You would think it has been merged by now. 

I'm trying to build glibc-970921 on a RedHat 2.1 machine. With a few
minor tweaks I can it to the point where it tries to run rpcgen and
segfaults.  The core file is 20k, it seems to be faulting during the
load process (gdb points me to an inline function in the dynamic
loader, which isn't much help...)  This may just be a bug in the
dynamic loader code included with glibc.  (The platform is sparc32.)

Where is the proper place to discuss this?  I haven't seen much on
sparclinux@vger, last I checked the RedHat people hadn't tried glibc
on the sparc yet.


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