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Network based install.

I have been having a bit of a go at installing debian sparc linux
on a SS5. And a few problems.

After reading through the mailing list archive I found the solution
to the first problem (not being able to mount the target root 
filesystem, CAUSE: no /dev/nfs) and fixed that problem.

The 2nd problem, which was also mentioned in the archive is not
being able to install the kernel and modules. This is caused by the
kernel not having support for msdos fs compiled in. This is required
by loop driver and so on....

Now did anyone get around to building or getting a copy of a kernel
that had the neccessary bits in it ???

Or know where I could find one ???

It seems the "current" bootdisk snapshots are not to current anymore.
Latest I have found was built in 28 March 1997.

Stuart Auchterlonie				stuarta@foxln.com.au

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