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sparc glibc patch?


	I was looking the GNU www site, in order to found some information
about glibc development for sparc machines, when I found a sparc-merge
tar archive, which seems to be a patch for 970820 libc snapshot.

Is this a patch for sparc glibc 2.1.x? 
I wasn't able to download glibc, and so I wasn't able to apply
the patch; and even it I have done it, I couldn't compile glibc on
my slow sparc machine.

Someone want to try this patch?

Davide Barbieri - paci@linux.it - paci@debian.org
PGP fingerprint =  CD 8D A9 1E DB 0C B0 16  F8 2F BF 63 52 49 8B A8

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