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Re: glibc development


> About headers problems, as the snapshot I built was restructuring the include
> files to use a include/bits subdirectory, it sure have introduced new bugs.
> I hope an upgrade to a newer snapshot will fix them.

I've rebuilt my machine from scratch (if anybody is at all
interested I now have a base1_2.tgz package that will
install/ configure your debian system from start to end).
It looks like the more hairy of the problems I was
experiencing (massive amounts of redefinitions etc) were
due to a badly screwed up /usr/include, as they have largely
gone away following the reinstall.

I'm presently trying to get sp_1.1.1-4 recompiled so that
I can recompile dpkg, and following this I plan to work
my way through the base packages; the objective is to have
a libc6 based base debian-sparc-linux distribution from
which to work.

Incedentally, performance degrades during the compile of
sp to the point where no other tasks are scheduled; this
occurs with the original vmlinux-2.0.29, as well as a
2.1.51 series kernel I've built myself. It's interesting
to note that suspending gcc (via ^Z), running sync, and
then resuming (via fg) returns the machine to normal
operation. Machine is a 24M IPC w/600M SUN unipac hard

Obviously, the kernel is still responsive; VC switching
still works, and the machine is still pingable. However,
applications (shell, top) running on other VC's are never
scheduled, and gcc itself appears to hang (time/date on
top was 12 hours behind realtime after leaving gcc to
process one source file all night long, pause/sync/resume
the following morning finished compilation in ~5 minutes).

> If you cannot wait for 2 or 3 weeks, I can post Debian files & patches on this
> list, so someone will be able to build a new package.
> Note that it takes about 7 hours on a Sparc-5 70MHz 64 MB to build ;-((
> And many more when compilation problems occur ;-)

I *dream* about having a sparc5/70MHz/64M :)

Seriously though, I have an ipc, a sparc2 and an ultra here.
Is it possible to cross compile from sun-sun4u-solaris2.5.1
to debian-sun4c-linux? If so, this would speed *my*
development efforts immensely. (I'm compiling my kernels
on the ultra at the moment).


Simon                                    (sjm@condor.com.au)

say my name, sun shines through the rain...
 ... a whole life so lonely, then you come and ease the pain

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