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glibc development

  Hello all,

I'm sorry but I don't have time to work on glibc & co development for now.
In fact, I'm working hard on my phd-thesis (2 weeks before the viva voce).

I saw on the list that there is a bug in dynamic loader.  I remember I tried
to fix it some weeks ago in a private discussion with Davide.
I built tar package on my SparcLinux development workstation & another ELC
that is running part of RedHat (after I installed my Debian libc6* & gcc
package on it).  It worked for me, at least.
Davide then tried my tar binary with no success :-((

I don't have any pointer to address this problem.  I think glibc need to be
rebuilt from scratch, but I don't have time to do it now.

About headers problems, as the snapshot I built was restructuring the include
files to use a include/bits subdirectory, it sure have introduced new bugs.
I hope an upgrade to a newer snapshot will fix them.

I will work again for Debian in two weeks.  My system is a mix from RedHat,
Debian, SunOS & other tools, so I think the better way to clean it up is to
format & reinstall Debian from scratch.  Then I hope I will be able to build
a clean glibc package.

If you cannot wait for 2 or 3 weeks, I can post Debian files & patches on this
list, so someone will be able to build a new package.
Note that it takes about 7 hours on a Sparc-5 70MHz 64 MB to build ;-((
And many more when compilation problems occur ;-)

Eric Delaunay.

 Eric Delaunay                 | "La guerre justifie l'existence des militaires.
 delaunay@lix.polytechnique.fr | En les supprimant." Henri Jeanson (1900-1970)

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